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  • My kid is going to Edu Lo Sung since last 6 months for Nursery classes. They have a lot of good things like a safe facility, security, play area, fresh food, English learning, and professional faculties. I see my kid constantly learning new things and enjoying the process as well. Summing up I can say sending my kid to Edu Lo Sung is the best decision I made.
    Jay Prakash Singh
  • We enrolled our twin kids to Edu-Lo-Sung in September. In a short period of time, the kids have adjusted well with the school and day-care, thanks to all the teachers and Didi’s who made this transition very seamless. They learned many new things and continue to share with us the amazing activities that go on each day. I really like the extra effort the school takes in imparting practical and real-life skills ( e.g. Visit Zoo Garden, embracing rain, making eco-friendly Ganesha, Art and craft activities and many more). What stands out is the effort that everyone puts in and the individual care that the children get. Thank you Edu-Lu-Sung for an impressive curriculum that engages the children and makes education a part of their daily activities.
    Ranjan Banerjee
  • My kid is going to “Edu Lo Sung Day Care and Play School” since last 6 months, and I can say it’s the best decision I made (after visiting numerous play school & day cares in and around Magarpatta / Amanora). Below are the reasons why 1. Nice and safe facility, with security, play area and small garden 2. Fresh food prepared at day care and served, fruits too (my kid doesn’t have to eat food prepared in morning or from tiffin all day long) 3. Play and learn activities during the day (not like most day cares which just keep tv “ON” or tell kid is too small to be involved in activities or be taught) 4. Unique and advanced teaching technique – enable curiosity & enhance learning ability based approach (rather than the normal book based learning), phonetics based English learning 5. Excellent faculty – professional and caring at the same time – I see my kid growing week after week! 6. Recently even health day was conducted – where doctor was invited to check how kids are doing – wow!! Dear “Edu Lo Sung” thank you so much for being there for my kid.
    Vinit Khandelwal
  • Edu Lo sung understand the development of the child and have accustomed their teaching in a manner that the child loves to learn and enjoys the learning. They believe in giving practical knowledge and makes the child enjoy the process of education. The education is not just limited to basic but much more of being capable and confident. Since the time my Child is going to Edu Lo Sung, I have observed many minutes but every essential change in her behavior and learning. I really appreciate the method of teaching adopted at Edu Lo Sung. In true sense, our society needs such kind of preschools to make the generation strong and responsible. Kudos Edu Lo Sung.
    Swati Patil
  • We are parents of Devansh and Diva, who has been studying at Edu-Lo-Sung since Sep 2018. We wanted to share our thoughts on our experience with Edu-Lo-Sung. In a short word, the experience has been extraordinarily good. The teachers here genuinely enjoy teaching and being with kids. That shows very clearly in the way they go about teaching and dealing with the kids who come there. They let the child live every moment of their childhood. For someone who comes from the traditional method of teaching, watching the children move all around the class or sit on the teacher’s lap while the teaching is going on, could be a bit wary. But we have seen the wonderful results it has on the children. The playschool is now virtually a second home for our kids. They enjoy going to playgroup every single day rather than being at home! The second point we wanted to make is teachers use the play-way method of teaching which has remarkable results on the child. We enrolled our both the kids in September 2018 when they were hardly speaking mono-syllable words. But within 3 months my daughter started speaking complete meaningful sentences. Both my kids enact every rhyme and most of all respond appropriately to situations. There is a lot of work being done to help kids conceptually understand various things rather than just memorizing. The teachers work hard to make pictorial charts (of animals, fruits and festival representations) and hang them in the class and let the child digest those concepts till they learn it to perfection. A special mention to the Director Mr. Diptesh Ray and Principal Ms. Nandita Ray for managing it so well and personally taking care of all the safety measures of kids. Every PTM is such a great experience as the class teacher appraise the development cycle of the child. The focus would be more on wholesome learning and overall development. Last but not the least we would like to thanks all the support staff (Didi, kaka, sugar bhaiya) for being so caring and attentive towards all the kids.
    Karuna Grover
  • We are super thankful to have found such a compassionate environment where our kid can be challenged and engaged while learning how to be a good citizen of the world. We have visited so many schools but haven’t found any school like Edu Lo Sung, where our all queries and concerns were getting fulfilled. The teachers are wonderful and interesting. The Heads of School are engaged and responsive. The staff actively works to make sure all students are learning with joy, purpose, and compassion. Principal and Teachers are always available to discuss issues or listen to ideas. we have seen the wonderful transformations in our kid’s statements from saying “Mummy, I don’t want to go to school” to “Mummy, why I can’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays”. We are extremely satisfied with the school. My kid feels safe, happy and enjoys learning from his teacher. The school is having a wonderful learning system. We have observed the leadership qualities, Sharing & Caring qualities in our kid and that is mostly because of his school. Thank you so much Edu Lo Sung!!
    Shilpi Hitesh Gupta
  • Great place to enjoy childhood
    Jayati Bhattacharya Roy
  • Unlike other preschools here there seems to be more human touch. Check out the contemporary treatment methodology to each child. There is a clear intention of inculcating a culture of a healthy diet. It’s worth paying a visit and checking the campus.
    Abhijit Chakraborty
  • My child is 1.5 & going to Daycare in Edu lo Sung Preschool and Daycare from past 6 months. I am very satisfied with the services and the way take care of the child. I have always found facilities clean and they take very good care of the hygiene. You can visit any time of the day and would see the same environment. Also, the necessary security measures are taken on premises. They provide freshly cooked food and make sure the child has eaten properly. Their idea of involving the small children into hand and playful activities right from the beginning makes the child happy and helps in her learning growth. Overall I am very happy with the care & affection, learning & Playfulness my dd gets in Edu Lo Sung. Cheers, and Keep up the good work!
    Pooja Garq