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  •  Innovative Alumni Parent Platform (A.P.P.) – Our relationship with the parent & the child does not end on the passing out day, it rather begins thereafter. This has been implemented to ensure that after pre-schooling, till settlement with a career option, we are in touch with all Alumni parents and exchange thoughts regarding important decisions for the child’s future. Our panel of consultants (pedagogists, child psychologists, career consultants) spread across the globe, may be approached whenever and wherever required. We are dedicated to help every child achieve success, hence such an initiative.  We are committed to ensure Safety Health Attitude Personality and Education (SHAPE) for every child. All of these contribute to the child’s self-confidence, the most important booster for every success in life. Hence the innovative initiatives as described below.


  •  Entry and exit to/from the school premise is monitored through RFID – UHF sensor system. The system intimates the school management and  parents immediately upon sensing Any movement. 
  •  Every classroom has attached washrooms thus eliminating the need to move out of the class, unaccompanied / unnoticed.
  • 12 CCTV cameras covering an area of 4000 sq. ft.                             
  • Fire Extinguishers outside every classroom, kitchen and in the transport vehicle. 
  • No fire / gas cooking policy has been implemented.
  • Food is prepared on Induction ovens. 
  • Hard surface play areas have been carpeted by thick synthetic astro-turfing, in order to prevent injuries. 
  • Anti-skid mat covering on the stair case.
  • All employees & contractual staff are police verified.
  • Regular physical exercise & yoga is an integral part of our curriculum. 
  • The loss of appetite in most children, is a matter of concern today. The cause for this – has been the difference in the timing of food cooked early morning but consumed cold, much later in the day, as tiffin, thereby losing the warm taste & nutritious value. Differentiation of foods in the tiffin boxes sometimes create a feeling of discrimination. To avoid such issues, we do not allow tiffin from home. We serve freshly cooked, warm and nutritious snacks for our pre-school students. When children eat together the same food, they eat healthy and there is optimum intake. 
  • Empaneled dietician for guidance on the quality and quantity of food for each child.   
  • We have set up an Infirmary Room with a trained Patient Care Attendant. However, we do not administer any medicinal course without the written consent of the parents. This is only for first aid purpose and for seclusion of children with contagious ailments eg. Cough, cold, skin itches etc. 
  • Complete pediatric health check-up at least twice a year.  
  • Classrooms are furnished with non-toxic moulded furniture. 
  • Spacious and airy classrooms. 
  • The premise has its own encompassed greenery.
  •  A tie-up with a top-notch hospital for various benefits to the child and his/her  parents & siblings. This tie up is not just for health precautions Parents can avail a lot of benefits at this Hospital –  including free ambulance services on producing the child’s I-Card. This  makes a child feel his/her importance in the family. It arouses a feeling of pride and a sense of responsibility towards the parents and othe family members. This sense of responsibility will give birth to an attitude that can go a long way to ensure that the grown up adult of tomorrow is caring towards the aged parents. It is a feeling inculcated since toddlerhood. 
  •  We have a dedicated school flag & school anthem. Flag and an anthem    helps create a sense of belongingness, which helps in acceptability amongst children to whatever is inculcated. Learning happens faster, with this acceptability. 
  •  We are probably the first pre-school to have introduced the house system. This has not been done to encourage competition. It has been done to ensure collaboration. Juniors take a pleasure in being guided by toddler seniors and in turn such seniors take pride in helping junior toddlers. This will inculcate cooperation, collaboration, belongingness, togetherness. Creates an attitude of no jealousy, no selfishness, but openness to give and seek for support, co-operation, help whenever & wherever needed. 
  •  All children can’t be often rewarded, but when a house wins, each child of the respective house receives award and is applauded by the guests – this helps them taste the pleasure & pride in success. Thereafter, the attitude changes and they strive to do the best for success in everything. It’s a big self-motivator.
  • An activity area that ensures confidence building through Oratory and Public speaking skill development.
  • A dedicated drive-way to develop road safety senses and righteousness. 
  • A curriculum approach aimed at nurturing and developing creative thinking and encouraging creativity in self learning.
  • Unique methodologies in development of soft & gross motor skills, in lines with the development rubrics of the German CDC systems.
  • Field Trips not just for the name sake of excursion, but for generating & nurturing of career interests, eg. Visits to Financial institutions, manufacturing units, I.T. & software development units, animation development units, Army / Air force bases, High schools etc.
  • Interactive sessions with individuals of various profession.
  • Inculcating of various mannerism & etiquette through daily routines.
  • Acclimatization to technology through our ICT Lab & artistic skill development through the Art – Craft Lab.
  • In-house experience of camping, execution of light daily chores as Daddy & Mummy’s helper.
  • A child friendly and vibrantly colorful campus ensures positivity and brings out the best in each child.


  • Highly trained facilitators identify children traits as per their pace of progress and the activity based curricular approaches are framed accordingly, to address one child at a time according to their intelligence quotient. (Day boarding adds to the progression mainly with Fast and Slow learners).
  • Internationally researched, experiential and activity based curricular progression adapted from the schooling systems of Finland.  
  • Inquisitiveness and interest is ignited for self-learning to begin, this ensures the path for a child to get into creative thinking.
  • Curriculum is in sync with the Indian context and is spread over in an academic day-wise calendar.
  • Logical & Linguistic advancement is approached through indoor plays and toys in sync with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory. 
  • Every content accompanied by Library Cards.