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  • Flagship in the expansion plans of Edu-Lo-Sung Educational Solutions, that started off in 2015 as an Education Advisory and Consultancy services which brought the best of globally researched and innovative solutions for Classroom learning-teaching, academically highly impacting programmes for Schools across India, in collaboration with 23.4 Degrees Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. After impacting the academic lives of thousands of students and a total of almost 25 man years of Education domain experience between the founders, led to the inception of     MY PLAY SCHOOL   focusing on the core area of the Play School segment. Edu-Lo-Sung, thus embarked on a new journey in 2017 into the Play School domain.
  • It has adopted the freedom to abundance of scope, as against the confinement under the traditional and rigid teaching methodologies of established and branded play schools. This freedom empowers  MY PLAY SCHOOL to use scopes, of imparting knowledge through experiential, activity-based, participative, collaborative ‘Learning with Understanding’, much beyond the purview of just books. Academic curriculum is supported by playful kits and toys, separate lesson-wise library cards, an in-house library segregating fruits, flowers, animals and birds. A unique concept, thus ensuring ‘knowledge for ever’. Hence, the emergence of a full-fledged DAY BOARDING PRE-SCHOOL where children can be dealt one at a time as per the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner and individual behavioural traits. This is not just for academic development but overall growth and development of personality, impacting life skills, manners, etiquettes, behavioural attributes and self-belief. At MY PLAY SCHOOL, we believe in the holistic development of children and our core focus area in this regard is our philosophy of SHAPE (Safety, Health, Attitude, Personality & Education). Therefore, the grooming here is not just logical & linguistic, it is towards creating Self Esteem – the path to every success in life.

At Edu Lo Sung, we are guided by our VISION, VALUES and MOTTO

  • To be the most secured cradle on the softest platform of grooming toddler’s confidence and personality, that helps shape a bright future which lasts forever. Therefore, the most admired Educational Solutions Provider, offering some of the best researched and innovative methodologies for nurturing talent in each individual, through Multiple Intelligence and behavioural traits – Audistic, Visualistic, and Kinesthetic – at the individual’s pace & space – One Child at a Time.


“Wissen Für Immer“ – Knowledge For Ever

Safety – the utmost concern in our approach
Secular – love for all – hatred for none, creating a one world family feeling “Vashudeiva Kutumbakkam”
Child Centric – our students are our pride and each is nurtured according to their intelligence, traits and own pace & space.
Beyond Books – not just logical & linguistic achievements. Students are encouraged in critical thinking, problem analysis & solving skills, soft skills and stardom qualities.
Transparency – openness to share societal & emotive ideas, collaboration, innovations, feedbacks from all quarters of stakeholders.
Passion – ensure utilization of full potential and achieving the best outcome, equally from facilitators and learners.

Phone: +91 8551066366 / 020-67231300 / 919916979755
Head Office : Bungalow No. 18, Mulberry Gardens , Phase-2,
West Gate,Magarpatta City, Pune 411028, INDIA
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